Design and production of complete loose materials processing equipment


Complete technological lines

Customized technology lines are provided as a complete solution.

We build technological parts or complete lines for thermal processing of loose materials on a turnkey basis from our product facilities. Technological lines are provided to process various bulk materials regarding areas such as chemical plants, power plants, waste incinerators, metallurgy, quarries, woodworking plants, cement plants, limestone etc.


Technological lines with a rotating combustion kiln / burning kiln or drum dryer / drum cooler or a combination of these devices are complemented by other subsequent devices. Choice of equipment and line equipment and its layout is based on the customer's request, as well as on the project documentation.


Technological lines are assembled from comprehensive set of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic machines and equipment with relevant steel structures, platforms and access points.




Our deliveries are partly co-operated with our stable partners.

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