Design and production of complete loose materials processing equipment

Rotary drum coolers

Rotary drum coolers

Rotary drum coolers are designed to ensure their reliable operation, maximum cooling efficiency, minimal maintenance and operational costs. They work either as individual units or in conjunction with other machines in a technological unit. The use of the rotary drum cooler must comply with the product's properties. Design always put emphasis on customer specific requirements.



The material is cooled by passing through the drum by the air. The heated air at the outlet of the cooler can be used, for example, as the secondary air for the kiln burner if the cooler operates in the technological unit. It is also possible to use the correct amount of water as a cooling medium. When water is injected into the radiator drum, the product temperature lowering is very rapid and effective. It is also possible to combine air and water injection.



As a cooling medium, water is usually injected onto the outer shell of the cooling drum. The material is cooled through the drum by the inner shell of the radiator drum. The product does not come into contact with the coolant.




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