Design and production of complete loose materials processing equipment

Rotary drum dryers

Rotary drum dryers

We designed our high quality rotary drum dryers to perform with maximum drying efficiency, to be applicable  on wide range of applications, to allow drying of different types of loose materials. Therefore they are suitable for various drying technologies.



Drum drying units can be used for many applications. We can dry fine or abrasive materials such as chemicals, building materials, stones, sludges, various types of waste, glass, biomass. Also suitable for recycling.


We design a rotary dryer with main criteria of maximum drying efficiency, high reliability and low maintenance costs. We place great emphasis on our own construction and materials used to ensure a high service life for our equipment.




Naturally part of supply is technological unit pre-run, operator training, technical assistance, warranty and post-warranty service and a minimum of two years warranty.

We perform our own device diagnostics with precise positioning and installation which is necessary to achieve minimal wear of moving parts. This leads to a maximum service life and minimum operating costs for the operation of the equipment.

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